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Rhodes and Kos are the two biggest islands of the Dodecanese (meaning "twelve islands”), a group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, off the southwest coast of Turkey .

They have a rich history. The most historically important and well-known is Rhodes (Rodos), which for millennia has been the island from which the region is controlled. Of the others, Kos is the historically most important.

Day 1 : Athens

Upon arrival in Athens, transfer to your hotel for overnight. Athens alone is worth a trip to Greece. The Acropole, the Parthenon, the National Museum, the Plaka area, the Syndagma (Constitution) Square alone are worth to go to Athens. Athens, capital of modern Greece, at its foundation in 3000 B.C. was a small fortified village at the top of the Acropole.  It owes its name to the Goddess Athena who won a fight against Poseidon.  Athens, today, counts about 4 million inhabitants. To discover the city, wandering in through the tiny streets and the popular areas are incomparable: bazaars, gardens, Byzantine churches and magnificent ruins remind the turbulent past and dynamical present of Athens.

Overnight in Athens

Day 2 : Athens

Athens Sightseeing with Acropolis Museum:
From Tuesday to Sunday, all year round
Dep: 08:30 - Ret: 13:30
From the Acropolis to Omonia Square, with the half-day sightseeing  and  Acropolis museum tour you'll see all the famous sites of ancient and modern Athens on this comprehensive morning tour. Offering a perfect overview of the modern city, this guided halfday tour will help you get your bearings if this is your first visit to Athens. 

At the end of the tour, transfer to the port of Piraeus and overnight ferry to Rhodos.


Day 3 : Rhodes

The Knights' medieval citadel, dominated by the towers of the Palace of the Grand Masters, forms the centre of the Old Town. Moats and two miles of walls surround this medieval castle. Eleven gates give access to the Old Town, which is divided into the Collachium (the Knight's quarters) and the Bourg (houses the rest of the population). As one of the finest walled cities in existence, the Old Town is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Palace of the Grand Masters permanently houses the Medieval Rhodes and Ancient Rhodes Exhibitions. Both of these exhibitions can be seen as part of a tour of the Palace of the Grand Masters. The medieval exhibition covers Rhodes from the 4th century AD to the Turkish conquest of 1522, and the ancient exhibition details 45 years of archaeological investigation on the island with a stunning collection of finds.

Overnight in Rhodes

Day 4 : Rhodes

Ferry excursion to Symi

At the beginning of the 20th century this Island was the Capital of the Dodecanese Islands and the world's largest Sponge-fishing center. Today it is an idyllic Island with beautiful Neoclassic Houses, traditional architecture and pebbled Courtyards.

Day 5 : Rhodes

Further possible tours on Rhodes :

Lindos (with group or rental car) :
Lindos, beautiful, eastern coastal town and archaeological site, located about 46 km from the town of Rhodes, is the second most popular tourist destination on the island. Famous in antiquity, it is built around the foot of a steep rock rising 116 metres, with it's panoramic, ancient Acropolis on it's crest offering spectacular views of the town, bays and the deep-blue, Aegean coastline. Use the "donkey" taxi or walk via a picturesque pathway up to the Acropolis and view the famous 2nd century BC relief carving of an ancient trireme (warship) on your way up. And, of course, the stunning views from the top are well worth the trip. Here, ancient and medieval architecture uniquely blend, in picture, postcard settings, with the finest examples of Hellenistic monuments, Crusader Knight fortifications. Cradled by two bays, the historic town provides beautiful, architectural, and unrivaled, atmospheric settings which are a sightseer's delight. And, here you will find some of the oldest, Byzantine churches. Whitewashed houses, terraced roofs and steps, it's maze of cobbled, narrow roads and arcades lined with souvenir and handicraft shops selling ceramics, rugs and embroideries. It's tavernas, restaurants, bars and cafes along with Greek food and music at it's best, all combine to give the visitor an unforgettable holiday.

Rhodes Wine Tour (with group only) :
This 5 hours tour has been developed for those who know how to appreciate “the drink of the Gods” : Why not taste the island's local produce in wine, which holds a long - standing tradition? A tour to Rhodes Wineries is addressed mostly to the selective wine tasters, but not exclusively. There are three well-known labels on Rhodes: 1.         White wine from the white grape variety Athiri (VDQS), a classic Aegean variety cultivated in the wider area since antiquity. 2.         Red wine (VDQS) from a red grape variety which has come to dominate almost all islands of the Aegean : Mandilaria (often also called Amorgiano) has found the most suitable environment for its requirements on Rhodes. Enjoy this dark wine with its delicate aroma of red fruit. 3.         Sweet white wine (VDQS) produced by blending two varieties of Muscat grapes. Classic white Muscat (from Samos) and the Italian imported Trani Muscat blend harmoniously producing aromas of dried apricot, caramel and nuts and creating a pleasant taste that enchants the senses. Local wineries specialize in producing sparkling wines even using the champagne method of second fermentation in the bottle.

Rhodes Jewish Sights :
From your selected point, you'll be driven to the Old town. You'll pass through one of the gateways and enter the Jewish Quarter named "La Juderia" at the Square of the Martyred Jews with the "seahorse" fountain also known in Greek as "Evreon Martyron". Then onto the "Kahal Shalom" synagogue the oldest synagogue in Greece. It was built in the year 1577 and is still in service. You will visit the Rhodes Jewish Museum that collected a large number of pictures of the past Jewish community in Rhodes. You continue to the entrance of the old harbor, atop tall columns, stand the two bronze deer - characteristic landmarks of the island. Here, according to tradition, was the place where the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, once stood. We continue uphill to Monte Smith (The Acropolis of Rhodes city) which overlooks the Old Town. Enjoy excellent views of the new and old town of Rhodes. Then we drive to the Temple of Apollo, and the restored Greek Stadium and the Greek Theatre. Our journey continues to Lindos along a beautiful, 35-mile drive of the east coast of the island, passing  picturesque little villages, with many glimpses of the sea and a splendid landscape of orange and lemon groves  and gnarled olive trees. From a vantage point along the coast, the impressive Acropolis will come into view with the village of Lindos situated in a picturesque bay below. Once part of an ancient Greek civilization, the Lindos Acropolis also includes the remains of the medieval fortifications of the Knights of St. John. You continue to the south of Lindos, to St. Paul 's Bay, a beautiful panoramic bay, from where you can view the cave where the film "The Guns of Navarone" was filmed. From the main square of Lindos you can climb up to the Acropolis of Lindos. Walk through Lindos Village and up the many steps and narrow uphill cobblestone pathways to the summit of the Acropolis to see the magnificent remains of past civilizations. Marvel at the 4th century B.C. Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, a double winged portico, a Byzantine church and the fortifications of the Knights, including the remains of the Governor's quarters. This view is truly panoramic. (Instead of climbing up the Acropolis you can visit the village, and then we drive down to the beach for break and a drink).

On the way back you drive along the coastal road to Faliraki, its main feature is an expansive sandy beach. Continuing to Kalithea we arrive at the Jewish cemetery one of the best preserved in Europe and it contains tombstones from the 1500's to the present. Overnight in Rhodes.

Day 6 : Kos

With the morning ferry we depart for Kos.

Kos is located next to the Gulf of Gokova. The island measures 40 kilometers (25 mi) by 8 kilometers (5.0 mi), and is 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) from the coast of Bodrum, Turkey. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Kos town. The island has a population of 30,947.

Kos is a combination of traditional and modern and today’s visitors are not only interested in the past : the sun, the clean sea, the lovely sandy beaches and the panoramas will also attracted those interested in the present.

The castle of the Knights of the Order of Saint John is situated at the entrance of Kos harbour on what used to be an island in antiquity, communicating with the inland through a bridge that one can still see even today namely the bridge of “Phoinikon" (Palm Trees) Avenue. The castle consists of two defensive precincts. The interior one has four circular towers in the corners; the south-eastern tower forms part of the exterior precinct, which is the larger one of the two, with massive bastions on the four corners, battlements and gun ports. The two precincts are separated by a large moat and communicate with a drawbridge. The castle was built of local stone as well as parts of ancient buildings (columns, architraves, bases etc.) from the ruins of the ancient city. On the upper part of its masonry, one can see many blazons.


Overnight in Kos.

Day 7 : Kos or Athens

Kos Island Tour :

Enjoy a day trip around the island of Kos and admire the island’s beautiful countryside. We will start our tour with the visit of the Asklepieion, the first hospital of the scientific medicine and then proceed through the lovely villages, amazing landscapes and beautiful sandy beaches. You will admire the superb views from Zia of Mount Dikeos, walk through the narrow streets, see the water mills and the small church, gather some leaves of basil, thyme and mint and browse the shops for a hand-crafted souvenir. Later you will ease your thirst at the spring of Pyli and have a look towards the Kardamena resort. Lunch will be served in a very nice taverna on one of the most beautiful dandy beaches of Kos where you will also have the chance to enjoy a refreshing swim. After lunch we proceed to the village of Kefalos to enjoy the panoramic view of Kamari Bay. The wind mill and traditional house of Antimachie village – close to the airport of Kos – will be our last stop before returning to your hotel by 05:00pm


In the evening transfer to the airport for flight to Athens where you will stay overnight in the airport hotel. Or transfer to the port for overnight ferry to Athens.

Day 8 : Maybe wish to include a "Greece Mainland Tour" ?

Depart for the airport for home flight.


1. Depending the seasonality or some international events (congress, fairs...) prices of the proposed hotels may vary.
2. Due to closure days of some sites and museums, tours may be swapped to ensure the best running of your program.  We have endeavored to show these in the program.

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2. Higher or lower hotel category (price difference to be reflected)
3. Guide services in other language than English (supplement possible) 
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