This lovely fisherman village, surrounded by pine-clad hills, cotton fields and bulrushes, is located on the riverbank near lake Koycegiz.  Facing the village, astonishing rock tombs have been carved out of the cliffs by the Carian people who founded the city of Caunos around 6000BC.

Dalyan became suddenly famous in 1987: the Istuzu is the breeding place fort he “Caretta Caretta” turtle and thanks to the efforts of nature lovers the region was declared a protected area.

Caunos, a Hittite or Lelegian city, was Hellenized in the 4th century BC and became a part of the satrapy of Cario governed by Hecatomnos and his successors. After having been ruled by the successors of Alexander the Great, the city finally was freed by the Romans from the Rhodian yoke.

As a Roman province, it became famous for its salt and slaves market.

The rock tombs site one can see today has been discovered in the 19th century but really brought to light in 1946-1952 by George Flean.