In the eyes of its lovers Bodrum , with its low-rise whitewashed houses and subtropical gardens, is the longest-established most attractive and most versatile Turkish resort.

If you want all waterborne distractions laid on by day, and some of the most sophisticated nightlife in Turkey then Bodrum town and Gumbet in particular will be your dream destination.

Bodrum, originally known as Halikarnassos, was colonized by Dorians from the Pelopenose during the 11th century BC.  It was member of the so-called “Dorian Hexapolis” (eight cities) of which Knidos, Kos , Lindos, Kamiros, Ialyssos where also members.

It also houses a medieval castle (Castle of Saint John), the third biggest castle of the Templers.

Except for this landmark, other highlights of Bodrum are also the underwater archaeology museum, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassos (one of the Seven Wonders) and the antique theater.