Ayvalik is first of all known for its pretty beaches and the best fish of the country.  You will keep long souvenirs of eating fish at the harbor with sunset in the background.

Old Ayvalik has more the aspect of a Greek rather than a Turkish village: winding streets with Wooden houses which are unfortunately not being renovated.

Around Ayvalik , the beach of Sarimsakli is a kilometer long covered with White sand; the Seytan Sofrasi (Devil’s peak) is a hill from where one has a marvelous view over Ayvalik and it’s bay with countless islets but also enjoys the unique sunset; the Alibey or Cunda island, reached by boat in the Summer (recommended), is worth a little walk or for the visit of the numerous monasteries and to enjoy dinner.
The antique Kydonia is today a small village opposite the Greek island Lesvos Ayvalik has been completely destroyed during the Greek Independence War (early 20th century) and lived in 1923, after the Freedom Treaty of Lausanne, the people exchange : half a million Greeks were to leave Asia Minor while Turks left Macedonia, Crete and Lesvos .

Today the only richness of the village is the ruins of Orthodox churches and monasteries and nice fish restaurants at the harbor.