Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and fourth largest of all Greek Islands. Located in the south east Aegean, Rhodes lies very close to Turkey .

Rhodes is often called "The Pearl of the Mediterranean" and is known for its natural beauty, historical, and archaeological treasures. The landscape is mountainous and green with pine trees, and there are beautiful beaches.

In 408 BC, the three major cities of Rhodes (Lindos, Ialysos and Cameiros) banded together to build a new grand city at the northern tip of the island. Great wheather and sunshine almost year round, the city of Rhodes combines cosmopolitan facilities with magical treasures from the past that seem almost untouched by time. With the sea all around you, the views are beautiful. The fabulous climate, night life, beaches, and wealth of tourist offerings make it a great holiday destination year round.

Rhodes was an important center in the 3rd to 5th centuries AD as part of both the Roman and Byzantine empires. The Knights of St. John conquered and occupied Rhodes in 1306 and the medieval walled city is still a famous landmark in Rhodes town. The Knights of Rhodes ruled until 1522, when Rhodes was conquered by Suleiman the Legislator. Rhodes was recently declared a world cultural heritage monument by UNESCO.

Lindos is one of the most beautiful villages of Rhodes : an outstanding acropolis rises above traditional white houses, set on a beautiful beach in a picturesque little harbour - Ayios Pavlos. There is a lot to explore on the Acropolis; the Castle of the Knights, byzantine church of St. John, Great Stoa, ancient theatre, Temple of Dionysos, and the Temple of Athena Lindia (4th century BC). The rock of the acropolis is a sheer 115m above the sea.

Places you can visit :
- Old Town Rhodes  
- Palace of the Great Masters
- Knight Street
- Archeological Museum
- Exhibitions of Middle Age & Antique Rhodes
- Byzantine Museum
- Mosque of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman
- Mosque of İbrahim Pasha
- Library of Ahmet Yavuz
- Jewish Neighborhood
- New Rhodes town
- Nea Agora
- Port of Mandraki
- Ialyssos
- Kamerios
- Emponas Village (producing wine)
- Faliraki
- Lindos
- Symi island (daily with ferry daily)