Mykonos is the most popular and sophisticated holiday resort of the Aegean. Luxury yachts from all over the world dock at its harbors, ferries arrive daily from Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrion. Mykonos has more bars, restaurants, and discos than most other Greek islands and the quality of the beaches, food, music, precious jewelry, and nightlife is very popular.

Mykonos is a Cycladic or ""White"" island and is part of a complex of thirty-three inhabited islands forming an imaginary circle around Delos in the Aegean Sea. In the Cyclades, homes are chalk white and cubical and most were built by anonymous ""folk builders"" using materials found on the island. In Mykonos , this approach to architecture has produced a town that is itself a work of art, a masterful collection of perfect, white-washed cubes that stand in dazzling contrast to the brilliant, blue sea. The two-story homes are graced with wooden balconies, and distinctive drains and chimneys, and by ordinance, all homes must be painted white. Windows and perhaps a railing are painted red, blue, or green, but otherwise, everything is white except for garlands of fresh, multi-hued flowers carefully arranged on the wooden stairs.

Mykonos covers an area of twenty-three square miles and has a population of about 15,000 permanent residents. There are more than 500 churches on the island, many attached to private homes. The town itself is an actual maze and was deliberately built in this fashion to confuse pirates who came to rob and pillage. Many homes, shops, and taverns have no numbers, so it is difficult to give or follow directions. The maze, however, makes the town even more romantic and creates literal surprises around almost every corner.

The town is made distinctive by its huge, round windmills, which once were working mills used to grind wheat. Now they are the island's most famous symbols and their paddles share the skyline with the churches' domes and crosses, creating dramatic contrasts to the cube-like homes hugging the ground. The windmills are located in the beautiful Alefkandra section of town known as ""Little Venice.""

Alefkandra is the loveliest corner of Mykonos . It has been painted and photographed by artists from all corners of the world and is why Mykonos is called ""The Venice of Greece .""