Kalymnos, a municipality in the southeastern Aegean Sea, belongs to the Dodecanese and is located to the west of the peninsula of Bodrum , between the islands of Kos and Leros . Kalymnos is known as Càlino in Italian and Kilimli or Kelemez in Turkish.

Being mostly barren (only 18% of the land can be cultivated), agriculture always played a minor role in the economy of the island, except for the valley of Vathi. The island is famous for its citrus fruits.

Furthermore, the numerous beaches of the island – of which some can only be reached by bike or boat, make – together with mountaineering – the main holiday attraction of Kalymnos .

One of the highlights of Kalymnos is the village of Chorio, the old capital of the island. Some interesting Kafenion and Ouzeria are interesting if you want to go native i.e. degustate octopus and Ouzo! Above the village are the ruins of the castle and the old settlement which are fantastic to wander around but it’s a mammoth climb so go early in the morning or out of season.